• Welcome to my website!

    Dear friends, I want to be a part of history together with you!

    Many fans have been asking me on how to stay in good shape?

    LOMA Sports Lab was created as a special laboratory where we help people to perform better in sports.

    Each product from the official LOMA collection is a result of the intensive research by our sports laboratory and is based on my experience and experience of my team.

    We have created the Loma Sports products for everyone who wants to engage in sports and fitness on the professional level.

    Yours faithfully, Vasiliy Lomachenko.

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    • THREE weight devisions
      World Boxing Champion
    • TWO time
      Olympic gold medalist
    • RANKED №1
      Pound for Pound
  • Vasiliy Lomachenko

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  • Loma Fitness Collection

    Professional line LOMA Fitness Collection - a super-choice for everyone who does sports.

    Our collection have the best products for achieving quick results. Do you want to lose extra calories during your regular workout?

    Do you dream to achieve a slimmer midsection and get those beautifully toned abs? Collection LOMA Sports have been developed especially for you!

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Coming soon

  • Loma Sport Mouth Guard Coming Soon

    Mouth Guard

  • Loma Sport Boxing Gloves Coming Soon

    Boxing Gloves

  • Loma Sport Boxing Bandages Coming Soon

    Boxing Bandages

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