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BeFit Meal Plan

What you will get?

1 Personalized Meal Plan designed specifically to your body type

2 4 weeks of healthy eating which you will enjoy and look forward to

3 More than 100 delicious recipes to keep you from getting bored and losing sight of your goals

4 Lists of all the necessary ingredients (and nutritional data) to ensure you can easily prepare meals you like

5 Achieve your goals and easily maintain your weight in the future

hit that target weight you want!

Start losing weight

According to your Body Type & BMI

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Personalized custom BeFit Meal Plan

Over 100 delicious recipes

Easy to follow shopping lists

Nutritional breakdown of all ingredients

4 weeks of healthy, life changing eating!

Unlimited 24 hour professional support

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I’m a big fan of food and the BeFit plan has a great recipe list of enjoyable, easy to make, delicious meals. In the past I thought meal plans were restrictive and boring, but that’s not the case with the BeFit menu. Since I have been working from home, I put on a few pounds and don’t have time for the gym. In just a few weeks following BeFit, I look better, feel better and people have noticed.

William, 28 (Atlanta)

I don’t know exactly when my metabolism changed, but I had a lot of trouble maintaining my weight at some point after my mid 30’. In the past, I’d lose pounds as fast as I gained them, but suddenly I started to gain weight that stayed. I followed a few diets I found online, but most of them were ridiculous. When I found BeFit, it was precisely what I was looking for; nutrition, balanced meals, veggies, fruits, meat, carbs. No restrictions, just a good overall, satisfying eating plan. Following the BeFit plan with some exercise helped me lose the excess weight I hated. I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel great throughout the day.

Sophia, 40 (New Orleans)

I had never really cooked my own meals, so when I moved out from my parents’, I depended on takeout and delivery...and of course I gained weight. I actually started to avoid looking in the mirror. I searched for an easy solution and found BeFit. Well, I started shopping, using their easy to follow list and preparing my own meals...Wow!Now I’m cooking and controlling my weight! For now, I plan to continue using the recipes from BeFit because it is definitely working.

Kimberly, 25 (Chicago)


What Happens After I Order my BeFit Meal Plan?
After you place your order, we go to work for you! 1. Based on your personalized answers, our algorithms will craft your BeFit meal plan, tailored to your individual nutritional requirements and body composition. All plans are developed and verified by a nutritionist, so you can be confident that the one you receive is correct for your body type.
When Do I Get My BeFit Meal Plan?
Every BeFit meal plan is personalized and our nutritionists work hard to make sure yours is correct and enjoyable. Typically, it takes up to 2 hours for your plan to be delivered to your email.
It is a one time Payment?
Yes! No additional subscription, further payments or delivery fees are needed. Just one payment- one time

Users Love Our Products

I highly recommend the BeFit Meal Plan+ Hot Gel + Waist Trainer unbelievable combination for anyone who wants to seriously take control of their eating habits and achieve their target weight quickly and permanently! Losing 5, 10 or 20+lbs will be within your reach
When I first tried the BeFit Meal Plan, I immediately fell in love with food again. For years I had a terrible relationship with my eating habits. The plan makes everything so clear and easy. No more guilt or remorse. Great recipes and so simple to stick with.
All of my followers need to get on the LOMA BeFit Meal Plan ASAP! I can personally tell you, it's a game changer. Losing 8 stubborn pounds was never so easy. They customize meals based on individual body types and when you add this together with their Hot Gel and Waist Trainer, you are headed for success!

100% money-back Guarantee

We firmly believe that our BeFit Meal Plan will work for you and that you’ll see visible results within 4 weeks! We are so confident that you’ll be satisfied with your meal plan, that we stand behind our product with a 45 day money back guarantee. If you don’t get results, you get your money back! Simply write us at info@loma-sports.com with a brief explanation of why you are dissatisfied with the BeFit Meal Plan so that we can improve our customer experience. We value your feedback!

Find more information in our money-back policy.