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BeFit Meal Plan
BeFit® Meal Plan

What you will get?

1 Personalized Meal Plan designed specifically to your body type

2 4 weeks of healthy eating which you will enjoy and look forward to

3 More than 100 delicious recipes to keep you from not reaching your goal due to boredom

4 Lists of all the necessary ingredients (and nutritional data) to ensure you can easily prepare meals you like

5 Achieve your goals and easily maintain your weight in the future

all for only $24,99!

Start losing weight

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Personalized custom BeFit Meal Plan ($39 value)

Over 100 delicious recipes

Easy to follow shopping lists

Nutritional breakdown of all ingredients

4 weeks of healthy, life changing eating!

Unlimited 24 hour professional support

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I don’t know when exactly, but my body started to change, and I had a lot of trouble maintaining my weight as I had for years. Before, I lost pounds as fast as I gained them, but suddenly I started to gain weight nonstop and had to do something. I tried a few diets I found online, but most of them were ridiculous. If I wanted to starve myself, I wouldn’t need a diet. Then I found Fitmeal, and was precisely what I was looking for; nutrition, balanced meals, veggies, fruits, meat, carbs. No restrictions, just a good diet without excess of any type. I had never had five meals a day and thought that would make me gain weight, but on the contrary. Healthy two-biters at noon and mid-afternoon kept me hunger-free and calm. I also loved the idea of having a main course and a side dish for lunch and dinner; they give variety to the menu and keep it interesting. I feel that I eat more than before, but everything is balanced, so I’m actually eating healthier. I lost 35 pounds in the first several months, and I also started to feel better; my hair got back its radiance, and my skin got smoother; I guess I lacked more nutrients than I thought. I must say I did hop on the bike to complement my Fitmeal diet with some exercise, and I recommend you do too.

Sophie 37yr

When I moved out of my parents’ house, I started eating lots of junk food. I had never really cooked my own meals, so I depended on takeout and delivery- Needless to say, I gained weight fast, and I started to dislike what I saw in the mirror. I was looking for a meal plan to start cooking, not precisely to lose weight or tone my body, but to get cooking. I found it both in Fitmeal. A challenging and exciting meal rotation plan and a way to regain my confidence. Slowly but surely, I started cooking my meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s what I call empowerment! From not being able to cook anything but instant ramen to cooking chicken in yogurt sauce, Atlantic-style fish, and a mean stewed turkey in a few months. When my mom visited, she found me 10 pounds lighter and a Master Chef in the kitchen. I cooked for her a tasty Veal with veggie sauce and peas with cream, my favorite! Cook your food! And keep it healthy; that’s what staying fit is all about. That’s also what being independent is. Now I cook for my girlfriends, and I always make something special for date night with my future hubby. I’m thinking of taking this cooking and nutrition things further; if it worked for me, it would certainly work for others, so perhaps I can help. For the moment, I plan to continue sourcing my recipes from Fitmeal; I learn a lot from every meal!

Kelsea 25yr

If you’ve seen those before and after pics, then you know my story. I’m that person that chanced its life and lifestyle radically by changing my habits. It all started in high school, I was not the thinnest girl, and now I see it was because I wasn’t eating right. Actually, I was eating all the wrong things and too much of them. Reluctant and depressive, I was quite encouraged when I found Fitmeal. It became a cooking project for my dad and me, who could lose a few pounds as well. We started going to the gym and started tackling the Fitmeal recipes one at a time. Week one was a mess; by week two, we mastered most breakfast dishes; after a month, my dad was even planning about opening a family restaurant. A man can dream! What DID happen is that we both lost weight and got in shape. And bonded in the process which was an unexpected added benefit. With a plentiful breakfast, a mid-day snack, a two-course lunch, a mid-afternoon snack and a hearty dinner with a tasty side dish, you’ll be eating better than ever. With so many flavor combinations and ingredients I had never tried, I’m never going back to junk food. It might sound like a cliché, but the Fitmeal meal plan changed my life and my dad’s. Try it an entire month, and you’ll think just like me.

Elissa 22yr

I gave Fitmeal a try because I desperately needed to lose a few pounds and didn’t know where to start. It’s not that I had to lose tons of pounds, but I wanted to get back to the weight I had when I graduated college. I started to go to the gym, but I knew I had to change my eating habits. Anyway, I’m a picky eater and don’t believe in magical diets. Fitmeal just made sense to me — it’s all about balanced meals. I also did enjoy very much being able to have healthy snacks twice a day. The bottom line is that it worked. I lost 11 pounds in a month, precisely those extra pounds that I just couldn’t get rid of. Now I’m starting to build a bit of muscle, training daily, and my Fitmeal keeps me satisfied; I’m not even drinking protein shakes; I get all I need. I love the mushrooms with cream day and the fish with curry sauce. I’d never had such a varied diet, and it’s all so appealing! This means my foodie Instagram account is getting a few more followers too. I’m not the review writer type, but the truth is that I looked everywhere on the web for a diet like this, and I’m just glad I found Fitmeal. If you want to lose weight while not missing out on tasty food and without feeling that you’re eating the same thing every day, this is probably the meal plan you need.

Byron 36yr


What Happens After I Order my BeFit Meal Plan?
After you place your order, we go to work for you! 1. Based on your personalized answers, our algorithms will craft your BeFit meal plan, tailored to your individual nutritional requirements and body composition. All plans are developed and verified by a nutritionist, so you can be confident that the one you receive is correct for your body type.
When Do I Get My BeFit Meal Plan?
Every BeFit meal plan is personalized and our nutritionists work hard to make sure yours is correct and enjoyable. Typically, it takes up to 2 hours for your plan to be delivered to your email.
It is a one time Payment?
Yes! No additional subscription, further payments or delivery fees are needed. Just one payment- one time

Users Love Our Products

our every plan is personalized and our nutritionists work hard to make sure you would love them. normally, it takes up to 24 hours for your plan to be delivered into you email
our every plan is personalized and our nutritionists work hard to make sure you would love them. normally, it takes up to 24 hours for your plan to be delivered into you email
our every plan is personalized and our nutritionists work hard to make sure you would love them. normally, it takes up to 24 hours for your plan to be delivered into you email

100% money-back Guarantee

We firmly believe that our BeFit Meal Plan will work for you and that you’ll see visible results within 4 weeks! We are so confident that you’ll be satisfied with your meal plan, that we stand behind our product with a 45 day money back guarantee. If you don’t get results, you get your money back! Simply write us at info@loma-sports.com with a brief explanation of why you are dissatisfied with the BeFit Meal Plan so that we can improve our customer experience. We value your feedback!

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