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  •         2018 


 Since September 2018, Loma has been ranked the world's best boxer pound for pound by ESPN, the BWAA, the TBRB, the Ring and 4th by BoxRec. He also holds several all-time records in boxing for winning major world championships in the fewest professional fights. He won a world title in his third fight (tied with Saensak Muangsurin), became a two-weight champion in his seventh fight, and a three-weight champion in his twelfth fight. He has competed for a world title in all except one of his professional fights, namely his 2013 debut. 

He is currently ranked by all agencies as the worlds best active super featherweight boxer








In 2013 Loma turned pro and signed a contract with Top Rank. He kicked off his professional career with a fourth-round knockout against Mexican fighter José Ramirez. 





Loma went on to win Gold Medals at both the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics. Following his amateur success, he signed a contract with a newly formed semi-pro team, which he personally named "Ukraine Atamans." After winning first place in WSB ranking under 61kg., Loma quickly turned his sights toward the pro circuit.










In 2007, Loma, his father and the rest of the Ukrainian team went to the World Championship in Chicago in hopes to win a chance to participate in the OG in Beijing. After six matches Loma was the proud recipient of not only a gold medal but a spot on the Olympic Team!!


His early career began in 1988 when his father put his first pair of boxing gloves on him. He began taking boxing lessons at a gym at such an early age that he can hardly remember it. It all progressed so smoothly that it was completely normal for him to be boxing.