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Diet Program

If you want your core muscles to appear, and work off your excess weight, then in the following article, you will find a nutrition program for the month with four breakfast options, four lunch options, and four dinner options.

This express program of weight loss and nutrition is balanced and does not require an additional diet.

However, before using this program, be sure to consult your doctor.

Everyone can choose for itself the necessary combination and variations of dinner, lunch, and breakfast in the appropriate mode.

It is also allowed to replace the specified products with analogs, but without increasing or decreasing the number of grams according to the program.

Basic Tips for a Healthy Diet Program

  • If possible, exclude dairy and flour products, salt, sugar, carbonated drinks, and juices from your diet. If necessary, a salt can be added in small amounts, but already into cooked foods. You can replace sugar with honey.

  • Drink plenty of water without gas from 1l to 3l in small portions throughout the day.

  • Exclude fried and fatty foods from your diet. Steam, grill, or bake the food.

  • Exclude from your diet fast foods and semi-finished products.

  • At one meal, you can eat no more than 600 grams of food.


  • Omelet with vegetables, 250-300 g, an fruits 100-150 g

  • Cottage cheese or cottage cheese bake, 150 g with berries, nuts or seeds, 30 grams - total portion is 250-300 g

  • Vegetable salad, 200 g
    Quinoa, 100 g + baked vegetables, 200 g, dried fruits, 50-100 g

  • Pearl barley porridge/brown rice/bulgur/quinoa with vegetables (in the form of vegetable pilaf), 150-200 g + fresh vegetables and greens, 100-150 g


  • Fresh vegetables, 200-250 g + baked fish, 200-250 g, dried fruits, 100 g

  • Pasta, 100 g + fresh tomatoes 150 g + chicken breast, 100 g, fruit, 150-200 g

  • Fresh salad 200 g with mushrooms 50-100 g + buckwheat, quinoa, rice 50 g, fruit 100-150 g

  • Vegetables (saute, stewed, baked, steamed), 300 g + baked meat (white or beef) 200-250 g


  • Vegetable salad with beans or peas, 300 g

  • Stewed vegetables, 200 g + steamed asparagus beans, 100 g

  • Vegetable saute, 200 g + legumes (lentils, beans, asparagus beans, peas, chickpeas, moong dal), 100 g

  • Stewed cabbage with legumes, 300 g

And the most important thing is to eat no less, but move more.

Conclusively, you are advised to consult your doctor before using the program for an efficient and effective result.