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How quickly I can get my products from the Loma Collection?
Usually within 3-4 days in the USA.
How can I get access to the Befit Meal plan?
You will get it in your email within 2 hours after purchase.
How many pounds can lose in 4 weeks?
If you exercise and follow the Meal Plan you can lose anywhere from 6-14lbs.
What to do if I am allergic to any of the products?
Look for a healthy alternative if you know you are allergic to certain foods.
Can I eat fruits if I want to lose weight?
Having a small amount of fruit in your diet is a great way to get necessary vitamins.
How can I pay for the Meal Plan and Loma products?
Use a credit/debit card or PayPal.
If I buy any 3 Loma products, will I get the Befit Meal Plan for free?
Yes, our current promotion gives you full access to the personalized BeFit Meal Plan if you purchase any 3 product combination.
What is the money back guarantee for the BeFit Meal Plan?
We Firmly Believe That the BeFit Meal Plan will work for you And That You’ll See Visible Results Within 4 Weeks! We Are So Confident That You’ll Be Satisfied, That We Stand Behind it with A 45 Day Money Back Guarantee. If You Don’t Get Results, You Get Your Money Back! Simply Write Us At Info@Loma-Sports.Com With A Brief Explanation Of Why You Are Dissatisfied with the Plan, so That We Can Improve Our Customer Experience. We Value Your Feedback!
Аccording to the proposition to buy any 3 products and get the BeFit Meal Plan, can I chose the same 3 the same products,for example, Hot Gel Sticks or 3 Waist Trainers?
Absolutely, you can select any product and quantities you want for a total of 3!
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