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Get Your Personalized Weight Loss Plan

Get Your Personalized Weight Loss Plan

Based on your answers you will be…

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by March 2021

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After first week:
- 3 kg
Similar people lost more than 9 kg

Your Weight Loss Profile

Your BMI is 56.9

You are: Obese

Your daily calorie intake:

Your daily minimum:

You’ll lose weight from:

You Are Not Alone

Over 200 000 people have achieved their goals with the help of Loma products and the BeFit Meal Plan.

Be fit - Be your Own Champion

What you will get

Your Befit Meal plan

Personalized Meal Plan designed specifically to your body type

4 weeks of healthy eating which you will enjoy and look forward to

More than 100 delicious recipes to keep you from not reaching your goal due to boredom

Lists of all the necessary ingredients (and nutritional data) to ensure you can easily prepare meals you like

Proven Ways
To Improve Your Life By Losing Weight

Stop Sleep Apnea
People who are overweight gain extra tissue in the back of their throat. When your body relaxes during sleep, that tissue can drop down and block your airway. It makes you stop breathing over and over all night, which causes all kinds of health problems, especially for your heart.
Reverse Insulin Resistance
Body fat, especially in your belly area, gives off chemicals that make your body stop reacting to the effects of insulin, a hormone that keeps the level of sugar in your blood normal.
A Better Mood
Weight loss can help chase your blues away. Scientists are still trying to work out why, but better body image and improved sleep are part of the reason.
Have More Sex
When you’re overweight, you typically have less sex. It might be because you just don’t feel good about your body or because your entire system doesn’t respond as well.