Shipping and Delivery Policy

We provide trustworthy FAST SHIPPING of our products to more than 60 countries around the globe.

In order to have parcels delivered successfully, we provide full-tracking shipping channels so you can see full shipping status unit it's delivered. For different countries, we use different shipping channels based on the consideration of fast delivery and reasonable price.

Please see shipping COUNTRIES and TERMS of delivery for different regions below.  

North America:  3 countries

USA, Canada, and Mexico

Estimated Arrival: 7-18 Days

Europe: 33 countries

Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Estonia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Slovakia, Denmark, Lithuania, Iceland, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Belarus, Latvia, Hungary, Greece, Turkey

Estimated Arrival: 7-30 Days

Asia: 18 countries

Russia, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Israel, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Cambodia, Macao, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Korea, Malaysia

Estimated Arrival: 7-20 Days

Rest of the world: 6 countries

Australia, New Zealand, Czech, Chile, Argentina, Brazil

Estimated Arrival: 7-30 Days


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