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Video Lessons

Professional Video Lessons from official Vasiliy Lomachenko’s Sports Lab

  • Waist Trimmer

    Waist Trimmer Belt Hacks from Vasiliy Lomachenko

    Lose extra calories during your regular workout. Achieve a slimmer midsection and get those beautifully toned abs that you always dreamed faster than you would without it. With the LOMA waist trimmer belt, get fitter, healthier and stronger!

  • Jump Rope

    Jump Rope Hacks from Vasiliy Lomachenko

    This jump rope offers you an incredible way to warm up, and one of the simplest ways to stay fit while improving stamina. Excellent for agility, speed, conditioning & coordination training.



    Use Hip circle resistance band set for hip circle walks, lateral band walks, hip flexors & abductors training. Perfect for squats, thrusts, abduction or adductions to achieve incredibly better results in toning & strengthening. Get that desirable body you’ve been dreaming about.

  • Mini Loop Bands

    Mini Loop Bands Lessons From the Loma Sports Lab

    Integrate Resistance loop bands into your regular workout to achieve significantly better results (in terms of weight loss, training, strengthening, mobility or coordination) from the same regular exercises that you have been performing routinely. These lessons are especially for you!

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